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Bekker的餐饮 has come from humble beginnings to become San Diego's longest established and most reliable catering and event planning company. We began as Roadside Bar BQ in 1958, as a restaurant and catering company. We moved to a larger location and reopened as Bekker's Bar BQ in 1978 to accommodate our growing catering business. We have now expanded to an even larger facility in 2013, and are fully 工作人员ed and ready to cater corporate and personal events of any size. Our goal is to provide our clients with amazing meals, customized personal event planning support, spectacular presentations by professional and friendly 工作人员, 和无与伦比的价值.




After college, the Navy, and World War II, submarine chef Dale Worm and his wife, Betty, decided that they would find their next success in the barbecue business. They found property on Mission Gorge Road, an unpaved and undeveloped area of San Diego County. Upon consulting with the health department, Dale encountered a minor setback - in order to open a restaurant, he needed the sewer system to be extended to reach Mission Gorge Road. Dale took the initiative and went from house to house and business to business, gathering signatures to get the sewer brought in. Earning the nickname "The Mayor of Grantville," Dale spearheaded the 发展 of the entire Grantville area. Roadside Bar BQ opened its doors in 1958 - becoming the very first restaurant on Mission Gorge Road. Dale and Betty spent 20 years in this location, serving fantastic barbecue to the growing city of San Diego, and raising a family who would later carry on the legacy.



In 1978, Dale and Betty's son 奥斯卡 decided that the barbecue business was also the place for him, and joined his dad in opening Bekker's Bar BQ, 3 miles down Mission Gorge Road. The new location provided a great opportunity in which they had much more space to focus on catering. A few years later, 奥斯卡 was married, and his wife Olga joined the business. 奥尔加和奥斯卡 spent over 20 successful years in this location, keeping the restaurant busy, and catering events for a growing San Diego community. With each passing year, the business grew, and so did the reputation of Bekker的餐饮. After raising a family themselves: Lara, 玛拉, 和斯科特, 奥尔加和奥斯卡 attempted to retire in 2001. They sold the business and spent six years travelling and enjoying their well-earned freedom.



In 2007, 女儿玛拉, 儿子斯科特和他的妻子, 珍妮花, pulled 奥尔加和奥斯卡 out of retirement, and into a new venture - West Coast 烧烤 and Catering, 在美利湖大道. 在拉梅萨. As a family, they ran yet another successful restaurant for 5 years in this location. 很快, they found themselves in such high demand for catering, that they reassumed ownership of Bekker的餐饮 in 2010. Scott and 珍妮花 welcomed son Henry 2011年加入这个家庭, daughter Emily in 2013 和小蒂芙尼. 玛拉 and her husband Jonah welcomed son Mazer into the fold in 2014. 最后, after a few years of running a busy restaurant as well as a rapidly expanding catering company, the entire family decided that they were ready to focus exclusively on catering, and sold West Coast Bar BQ in 2012.


The Scott and Jen Worm Family

Bekker的餐饮 - Awesome food and service for 55 years...和计算.



奥斯卡 Worm - Former CEO and Chef Emeritus

Now retired, 奥斯卡 is called in only during the busiest days as the fastest carver in the west! He also has the ability to see the big picture, and is in charge of special projects and new ideas for the ever expanding business. He is very happy to sit back and create new marketing strategies, or new menus - as long as he doesn't have to implement them! He now enjoys the hobbies he has put off for the over 30 years that he worked 7 days a week. 他喜欢徒步旅行。, 去健身房锻炼, 拉手风琴, 做木工, 淘金, 燧石敲击, 花园, and enjoy the fruits of his labor. He is especially proud of his children: Lara, an Asst. U.S. Attorney; 玛拉, a devoted mother; 和斯科特, who has taken over the catering kitchen completely and successfully. 奥斯卡 and Olga have enjoyed travelling more as their children have grown into handling the day to day responsibilities. They have recently toured almost every country in Europe through a few extended journeys. With each new country they visit, they put a new set of ethnic menus on the catering list with the recipes they collect on their travels!


Olga Worm - CEO - since 1980

Guiding and carrying on the family legacy for over 30 years, Olga is the consummate hands-on professional leader. While spearheading this multimillion dollar corporation, you will also find her planning the minute details of complicated events, 建立巨大的, 艺术水果展示, carving beef for a thousand guests, and loading tables onto a truck. She serves as a boss and mother to over 50 employees, 培训, 导演, perfecting and encouraging each person to excel to new heights every day. Each 工作人员 member becomes a member of her family, and each is valued for both adherence to our high standards of customer service, and the unique attributes he or she brings to the Bekker's team.

出生在纽约, then moving to Pocatello, Idaho from Elementary through High School, Olga has a unique view of the world from both big city and small town perspectives. 总是一个优等生, she received many awards in her fields of music, 演讲, 跳舞, 代理, 导演, 领导力与学术. She graduated from Pomona College in 1977 - BA in Theatre Arts; Acting, 导演与设计, and California State University, Fullerton; Teaching Credential. After a short career in teaching, she discovered her forte in sales upon working in a shoe store. By age 22, she opened her first entrepreneurial venture - a ladies fashion shoe store. 几年内, it became a chain of 5 stores and then she married the owner of the neighboring business - 奥斯卡 at Bekker's BBQ. 五家鞋店, a restaurant and catering business, 很快就有三个孩子, were a bit too much for one new family, so the shoe stores were sold in favor of the family restaurant business. 几年后, 奥斯卡 and Olga recognized the potential of the catering side of their business, and eventually phased out the restaurant, and with hard work and determination, the catering grew by leaps and bounds every year.

Olga draws on her theatre background to make every catered event a show deserving of a standing ovation. 现在是奶奶了, Olga still has the boundless energy and enthusiasm to keep every event new, 新鲜的, 美味的, and worry-free for all of her clients. Olga is very proud and lucky to have her children and 孙子 working side by side in the family business, 培训 them all to fulfill the family legacy. Olga also has many outside interests, and spends her minimal spare time volunteering and serving on executive boards of many charitable organizations. 在她短暂的退休生涯中, Olga wrote and directed a touring musical theatre production entitled "Sentimental Journey." She also spent a few years as a travel agent and furniture salesperson. Her greatest joys are her husband, 奥斯卡, 她所有的孩子, 孙子, 工作人员, 朋友, and 4 generations of clients.


Scott Worm - Executive Chef & 公司副总裁

Scott Worm - Executive Chef & 公司副总裁

Scott Worm was born an entrepreneur, and has had a keen eye for business since childhood. He always excelled in school, 专心学习, the Future Farmers of America club, 足球和摔跤. He began working for the family business as soon as he could walk! Always a man with serious intentions, he met his wife 珍妮花 while still attending El Capitan High School in 2003. Scott saved his money diligently, and was able to purchase his first home in Austin, 2005年的TX. He and 珍妮花 then moved to Austin, and he attended college and worked for a large equipment company, moving up quickly from warehouse 工作人员 to sales. Scott and 珍妮花 moved back to San Diego in 2008, began working at our former restaurant - West Coast BBQ, 和斯科特 finally popped the question! Scott became executive chef of Bekker的餐饮 in 2009, and finally allowed his father 奥斯卡 to retire! 珍妮花 和斯科特 were married in 2009, and purchased a home in San Diego. They welcomed their first child, Henry into the world in 2011, beautiful daughter Emily in 2013, and newest baby Tiffany in 2015. In his minimal free time, Scott enjoys the art of home-brewing craft beer, 美食, 花园ing and spending time with his family and dogs. He and 珍妮花 enjoy travelling and experiencing cuisines from around the world, the best kind of research & 发展!


珍妮花 Worm -首席财务官 & 人力资源总监

珍妮花 Worm -首席财务官 & 人力资源总监

Though she may not have known it, 珍妮花 was born a member of our family. 她遇到了她的丈夫, 利记的行政总厨Scott, while still attending El Capitan High School in 2003, 这是命中注定的. 珍妮花 worked at Washington Mutual Bank where she learned many of the skills she would later use as our Chief Financial Officer. After graduating from High School, Scott and 珍妮花 purchased their first home in Austin, 2005年的TX, and 珍妮花 continued working in banking while attending college. They returned to California in 2008, 和斯科特 finally popped the question! While attending Grossmont College for accounting and business, 珍妮花 also worked at our former restaurant, West Coast BBQ as a hostess, 服务器, 和簿记员. They were married in 2009, and welcomed little Henry, 2011年加入这个家庭, 2013年美丽的艾米丽, 和小蒂芙尼. 珍妮花 may be quiet, but it's only because she's so busy! When she isn't handling the finances, she is booking parties, and taking care of deliveries. She manages to keep our employees and suppliers happy by handling payroll and business accounts, all while taking care of two young children. In her free time 珍妮花 loves spending time with her family, 阅读, cooking and finding fun projects on Pinterest.



Office and Catering Kitchen

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